Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you act as the emcee and manage the timeline?
A: Yes!  We will emcee the entire event, make all of the necessary announcements, and keep track of the timeline so you don’t have to think about it.  Our goal is for you to not have to worry about anything and just enjoy the day with your guests.  We’ll be proactive about coordinating with your other vendors so that all of the bases are covered.

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: We will always keep the focus on the couple.  As the MC, we engage the crowd by being upbeat and enthusiastic with our announcements but we do not believe your guests are there to see us so we will never try to be the center of attention. We will put on a smooth-flowing event, keep your guests informed as to what is going on and what is up next but we will not be talking over the PA system all night - we will entertain your guests through a great mix of music that will  keep your dancefloor full all night.

Q: Do you help with planning?
A: Yes!  We offer online planning pages that are really easy to use and super helpful in planning out your day.  We’re also available for consultation by phone/email/in-person/Skype or FaceTime and we’re happy to offer suggestions for the music or timeline.

Q: Do you provide lighting?
A: Yes, dance lighting is included in all of our DJ packages.  We also offer up lighting that will really take your décor up a notch and enhance your reception space.

Q: What time do you arrive and how long does set-up take?
A: We try to arrive a minimum of two hours before guest arrival and often earlier depending on the number of services booked or the load-in situation at the venue.  It only takes about an hour to set-up but this gives us plenty of time to deal with traffic or any unforeseen issues.

Q: What do you typically wear?
A: We dress in modest formal attire appropriate for a wedding.  No sparkly vests!

Q: Do you accept must play and do not play lists?
A: Yes, we’re happy to accept playlists and we encourage all couples to take advantage of the Must Play, Play if Possible, and Do Not Play options on your planning forms.  We also encourage all of our couples to give your DJ the freedom to read the crowd and play the music that people are enjoying dancing to. 

Q: How do you handle song requests?
A: We love taking song requests from guests the day-of.  It’s a great way to get people dancing and keep them dancing.  We will be sure to filter all guest requests to make sure they are appropriate for the vibe and not on the do not play list.

Q: Do you have liability insurance?
A: Yes, all of our events are fully insured.

Q: What is your sick day policy?
A: We intentionally always leave at least one DJ available every day.  That way, we have a go-to person in case of emergency.  Thankfully, this has never been an issue but we have it covered.

Q: Do you bring backup equipment?
A: Yes, we bring a smaller backup PA system to every event and we also backup our playlists on a second device.  Thankfully, this has never been an issue but we have it covered.

Q: What do you require to reserve a date?
A: We require a signed contract and a 50% deposit to reserve a date (the balance is due one week before the wedding). 

Q: How many years have you been doing this professionally?
A: Since 2008.

Q: How many hours are included?
A: All packages are any amount of hours until 11:00pm.  After 11:00pm, there is an overtime charge of $100/hour.

Q: When should I book?
A: As soon as you’re ready and feel comfortable!  The warmer months fill up fast for all vendors.  We already have dates booked for 1-2 years in advance so we recommend getting all of your preferred vendors as soon as possible.

Q: Do we get to choose our DJ upfront?
A: Yes, your DJ will be assigned upfront based on customer preference and the availability of each DJ/MC.

Q: Is there anything else I should know?
A: Once you’ve booked your vendors it’s time to relax and trust them!  We’re all really invested in our jobs and we want your event to be super fun and successful just like you do.  You’re putting on a huge party and you should enjoy it too!